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Goa Dairy MD’s bid for clean image




Dr N C Sawant, the beleaguered managing director of the Curti-based Goa Dairy, had claimed in his reply to a show-cause notice that there have  been  no irregularities in the dairy as alleged by the inquiry report, claiming  that the Goa Dairy has been running smoothly.

On Friday Registrar of Co-operative Societies Sanjiv Gadkar passed an order holding Dr Sawant solely responsible for the irregularities and mismanagement of the ailing Goa Dairy.

The order recommended that the managing director of the Goa Dairy should be suspended by the administrator named by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

The administrator has also been asked to initiate an inquiry into the alleged irregularities and corrupt practices and terminate Dr Sawant accordingly.

Dr Sawant in his reply given on July 5 this year had claimed that he, as the MD, and all heads of   departments have been following all the codal formalities, government circulars and bylaws, adding that there has been no faulty decision on the part of management while purchasing fill pack  machinery, ice cream plant and raw material for cattle feed and the procurement of milk from outside the state.

As regards the purchase of five fill pack machines,

Dr Sawant had clarified that the Goa Diary had five pneumatic fill pack  machines which were more than 15 years old and not in working condition; they consumed more power and had been delivering unequal quantity of milk causing handling loss to the dairy.

“The fill pack  machines are purchased based on the recommendation of the Goa Dairy; engineering section of Goa Milk Union preferred Nichrome-make fill pack machines instead of prism packing which were purchased by the Goa Dairy. The board is also represented by the assistant registrar of co-operative societies who did not object to  such a procedure,” the managing director had said.

As regards the three quotations for the purchase of fill pack machines, he had maintained that “the inquiry officer has not denied that the quotations are false… it is nearly a suspicion that the inquiry officer has reported in the report which doesn’t not render to be false quotation.”

Asserting his innocence on the allegations over the purchase of machinery for ice cream plant, Dr Sawant had submitted that a feasibility report had already been prepared by the assistant registrar of co-operative societies and the officer (production and marketing) who are experts in the field.

Hence a feasibility study from “external consent” was not needed, he had asserted adding that there had been no manufacturer or stockist available in Goa for the supply of ice cream plant and therefore there was no need to put advertisements seeking tenders, and as such details had been obtained from different manufactures, and accordingly further quotations had been invited from different parties.

On the recruitment of new employees, he had claimed that the staff requirement had been assessed by a committee which had a nominee of the RCS; and the staff assessment report was factored into.

The Goa Dairy had informed the employment exchange on advertisements for the staff recruitment, Dr Sawant had said.

On the qualification of the managing director, Dr Sawant had said in his reply that the interview for the post was conducted by an expert panel, that consisted of a nominee of the government, a representative of the National Dairy Development Board and the Goa Dairy chairman.

The selection is usually made based on the merits of the candidate, it had been claimed.

The managing director had said that since the cattle feed is an agriculture commodity the rates of the same fluctuate, and are based on seasonal variations in raw materials.

“These details have not been considered by the inquiry officer and hence reporting loss due to the faulty procedure is not correct,” he had claimed.

As regards the alleged loss to the Goa Diary, he had clarified that the dairy sells the feed to its milk producers/farmers at the subsidised rate of Rs 2 less than the cost price, and as such the Goa Dairy has been incurring loss.

On the purchase of milk from outside Goa, Dr Sawant had pointed out that Uday Gad is presently under suspension pending inquiry over corruption charges and accepting  bribes from Mahakali Milk supplier.

Clearing the air on the non-utilisation of the NDDB funds, the managing director had claimed that the Goa Diary has not received any grants from the financial year 2014-15 to 2015 -17.

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