Sunday , 19 August 2018

Goa College of Home Science teaches ‘practical’ art

Goa College of Home Science organised a five-day fabric painting workshop at the college premises. Day one included understanding the colour wheel, making colour tints and shades and flat brush painting in one or two colours. Day two saw participants being trained in stencil art with spray paint, sponge and brush work on household articles, jute bags and clothing such as dupattas and sarees. On day three, straight and curved dry brush strokes were used to create different floral and leaf designs suitable for different textile surfaces and articles. Paintings of roses and buds were emphasised on and different leaf prints were decorated with 3D outliner and mirror work was taught. On the last day of the workshop scenery designing was taught. This workshop was an introduction to practical painting on household linen such as pillow covers, curtains and wall hangings. In the one hour painting competition held, Smruti Palkargot won first place, second place went to Meena Fernandes from Saligao and in third place was Sangeeta Raikar from Panaji. The workshop was sponsored by the Pidilite Company.


A similar workshop and competition was held at the Mahila Mandal Comba, Margao. Reema Pai Angle made the best fabric painting, in second place was Suhani Vaivde and third place was shared by Kusum Pai Palonikar and Mruga Naik. Both workshops were sponsored by Pidilite Company.

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