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Goa celebrates Tiatr Day

Goa celebrates Tiatr Day


Minister for art and culture, Govind Gaude while speaking on the occasion of Tiatr Day at Kala Academy on Tuesday said that over the years tiatr has helped Konkani language move ahead and it is due to the efforts of tiatr artistes that various issues pertaining the society are able to get the required attention.

“Tiatr is the said to be the mirror of society and from the very beginning tiatr artistes have been working constantly to highlight issues that require authorities’ attention. It is due to tiatr that Goa has developed so much,” said Gaude.

He also added that platforms such as Titar Academy of Goa and Kala Academy have been pioneers in encouraging artistes to actively participate in tiatr. “All should join hands in taking tiatr to the next level. 125 years back when Lucasinho Ribeiro scripted the first tiatr he had no idea where the tiatr would be today but he carved his own niche in art and I can proudly say that tiatr is one of the first forms of drama that has released its own postage stamp commemorating 125 years. It is a proud moment for the state,” Gaude added.

On the occasion of tiatr day 12 senior tiatr artistes: Anthony Fernandes, Minguel Dias, Tomazinho Cardozo, Luis Cota, Milagres Fernandes, Lorna Cordeiro, Domingos Coelho, Thomas Britton, Cesar D’Mello, Francisco Xavier Fernandes, Theodor Alvares and Jean D’Souza were felicitated for their contribution to tiatr.

Speaking on behalf of the awardees, tiatr artiste, Domingos Coelho thanked tiatr for giving them an identity and said that the audience of tiatr has not decreased but indeed increased and there is a need for the audience to constantly support young talent and encourage them to participate more often in tiatr and take forward the legacy.

Tiatr personality and guest of honour, Joe Rose also put forth his views on how more and more youngsters are getting into the arena to take the art form forward.

Following the felicitation there was prize distribution of the 15th Cantaram Competition winners and short presentation from classic tiatrs.

To commemorate the125 years, the India Post, Ministry of Communication & Technology, has released a postage stamp about tiatr. The chairman of 125th Anniversary of Tiatr Celebrations Committee, Tomazinho Cardozo while releasing the stamp said that Goa is one of the first states to have a postage stamp on tiatr.

Cardozo further said that it is indeed a historic moment for Goa. “This postage stamp on tiatr will not only be available in Goa but will be available across 1100 centres in India. This was a collective effort and due to the support we were able to achieve our dream of releasing the postage stamp,” added Cardozo.

He also mentioned that they are yet to release commemorative volumes on tiatr artistes who have passed on and another one on those living and have made their own identity in the field. “Let’s all work to join hands to make the Goan tiatr the finest form of drama in the country,” he said.

Chief Guest for the release of the stamp, chief postmaster general, Maharashtra circle, Mumbai, HC Agrawal also said that the tiatr postage stamp is of different kind. “The tiatr stamp is different. We usually print stamps which are either themed on monuments, historical places or eminent personalities. We also have personalised stamps,” added Agrawal.

Hoping to take tiatr to an international level, director of art and culture, Gurudas Pilernekar vowed that he would put in his best efforts to take tiatr to international audience through cultural exchange programmes.

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