Wednesday , 26 February 2020
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Go Out And Make Your Vote Count


It is ‘D’ day, as voters will be queuing up to cast their precious vote. It is the sacred duty and an obligation of every citizen to exercise franchise. It is understood that an entire hamlet in a remote part of Canacona taluka had decided to boycott the Lok Sabha polls. Marlem, a remote hamlet in Poinguinim, has 217 voters, who had decided not to vote. However, the election officials were later successful in persuading the locals to exercise their franchise. Ansulem villagers in Poriem constituency had initially decided to boycott the polls, as their demand for construction of a road was not met with. However, after a crucial meeting, the villagers have finally decided to vote in the elections. It must be said that abstaining from voting is not a good option available for the citizens. Their genuine demands can be met only if they vote wisely and choose a leader, who will deliver the goods. If elections are boycotted by a large number of voters, for any reason, there is every possibility of an undeserving candidate winning the elections which could make matters even worse for the people of the village. Voters may not have much of a choice as far as the candidates are concerned but that does not mean that they should not vote. Voters have to choose the best candidate among those available.  In the present day political scenario, not exercising one’s franchise is not a good option. The Election Commission has made all efforts to see to it that all voters cast their vote. There will be several first-time voters, who will be showing enthusiasm in being a part of the electoral process. A total of 13,386 voters will be casting their vote for the first time. And this is no small number. The old and the physically challenged will also turn out to exercise their franchise. Every vote is precious. Pressing of the ‘None Of The Above’ (NOTA) button on the electronic voting machine also does not seem to be a good option, as it could turn to be advantageous for an undeserving candidate. So go out and make your vote count.


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