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Go For Foolproof Ranking Of Varsities, Colleges


MANY Indian colleges and universities fail to provide holistic education to the students, although it goes without saying that higher education in InAdia has shrugged off its lethargy to move ahead in many spheres.  There have to be some yardsticks to judge the colleges and the institutions.  The National Institutional Ranking Framework ranks institutions yearly through a predetermined methodology.  Broad parameters for rankings are examined by a committee.  Teaching, learning, resources, research, outcomes, inclusivity and perception are some of a wide range of guidelines. Faculty-student ratio, total budget and utilisation, median salary, regional diversity, percentage of women, peer perception are inherent in these broad headings. The 2017 rankings are out, but scepticism remains. The participating institutions were less compared to the sheer number of colleges in the country which means many institutes did not meet the criteria for competition or simply did not participate.  The NIRF should be able to check the veracity of the institutions’ claims on meeting the parameters because there is always scope for intra-institute manipulations.  More disciplines must be brought under the ambit of NIRF.  Focus on research is alright, but whether the education imparted bears fruit can be the biggest scale to evaluate the institute as well as the student.   Knowledge without compassion, learning without foresight and degree without utility are of little use to the country. The NIRF should be armed with dedicated personnel who can fulfil the arduous task at hand.


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