Saturday , 23 February 2019

Give A New Lease Of Life To Terror Victims


MANKIND has been affected in the deadliest of manners.  No country is immune from the ravages of terror.  The terrorism has  spread its tentacles  far and beyond, through large and small countries.  That said, for obvious reasons tiny countries have been hit by the devastating effects of terrorism more than big nations.  Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq readily come to mind.  Add Somalia and Nigeria then the five nations numbed by terror are before us.   Terror kills and maims its targets physically and psychologically.  Not just the killed, even others live in anticipation of the worst. People harmed by terror have nowhere to run.  The victims of terrorism have to live a long life filled with fear, disgust, trauma, apathy and more.   Victims are the state’s responsibility though the tendency to provide lip service to protect the dignity and right of the injured still exist. The immediate impact, and long-term scars,  of terror have to be fully addressed without fear or favour by all nations. Every individual has the innate ability to withstand the instant aftermath of terror; but it is incumbent upon the nations and its leaders to buffer the victims to recover quick.   The International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to Victims of Terrorism  of the United Nations entrusts the responsibility on the member nations to alleviate the suffering of the unfortunate victims of war.  Support portals are very vital to lift the terror-hit from the pit they are in.   The counterterrorism taskforce of the UN enhances coordination and consistency among member nations to enhance the sagging morale of the ‘terror-damaged’ amongst its other important activities.  De-humanisation of terror victims is what the UN has in its stated terms because  there is life after terror.    Normalisation of lives is important words to boost confidence and instil comfort among the affected.   By recounting the stories of terror, and how they were able to overcome the wounds of the same, the victims can be of massive help to those living with terror haunting them.


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