Sunday , 24 March 2019
GFA Executive Committee is staying illegally, says Churchill; stormy EGM, AGM expected today

GFA Executive Committee is staying illegally, says Churchill; stormy EGM, AGM expected today




Churchill Brothers FC President Churchill Alemao, who is contesting for the post of President of Goa Football Association (GFA) lambasted GFA President Elvis Gomes for trying to delay the elections and holding on to his post although the term of the present Executive Committee “had expired on July 26, 2018.”

“This committee is staying illegally. They are trying to delay elections because they know I am going to win,” Churchill told a press conference in a hotel in the capital city, a day prior to the Extraordinary General Body Meeting (EGM) and the Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) to be held today.

The GFA AGM is normally held on the last Sunday of July and the elections to the new president thereafter. The present Executive Committee of the GFA headed by Elvis Gomes has postponed the elections on the grounds that an EGM has to be held to make constitutional amendments to the Statutes of GFA, to bring it in accordance with the National Sports Code.

It may be noted here, as reported by The Navhind Times on June 21, 2018, The AIFF had written to GFA that the amendments could be brought about by the newly elected Executive Committee and that there was no urgency in making the constitutional changes before the elections.

“I did not want to stand for elections before. I decided to stand only after a majority of clubs approached me and requested me to stand as GFA is in a mess today. That is why I made up my mind to stand in April and declared my candidature,” stated Alemao.

Avertano Furtado, Former Fisheries minister, president of AWES, former goalkeeper of Churchll Brothers SC has declared his intention to stand for the post of president. President Elvis Gomes has neither denied nor expressed his intent to seek a second term.

“There is a group that wants to stand against me and when they went around and realised that a majority of clubs are supporting me and so they decided to delay the election and bring the GFA constitution in line with the National Sports Code,” said Alemao

Churchill Alemao completes seventy years in May 2019 and if the elections are delayed till then, he is not eligible to stand.

“I fully agree with the National Sports Code and will change the GFA constitution in line with the National Sports Code. The AIFF has in a letter to GFA also made it clear that the urgency is in having elections and not introducing the National Sports Code. Yet, GFA is harping and making excuses to delay elections. These are just attempts to foil my chances and then prepare their own strategy,” stated Alemao.

“The AIFF had sent a letter to GFA on May 18. There was sufficient time to bring about changes but Elvis has been making excuses and trying his best to avoid elections. He does not realise that the present GFA Executive Committee has completed its term and is therefore illegal,” stated Alemao.

“The term of the present Executive Committee expired on July 26, 2018 and the present committee has no legal right to continue,” stated Alemao.

Churchill explained two main reasons that have prompted him to stand for elections.

One: “I was and still am hurt because no boy from Goa could make it to the India Under-17 FIFA World Cup team. The AIFF had written to GFA to prepare a squad for selection and when the selectors turned up, there was no squad that they could choose from. This attitude of Elvis denied Goan boys a chance to play for their country,” stated Alemao.

Two: “The Bandodkar Gold Trophy was a pure gold trophy and now there are allegations that it is not of gold. I want to know how the gold has turned into some other metal or whether gold can turn into silver. I want to find out the truth about the Bandodkar Gold Cup because I know Bandodkar was mad about football, just like me and he had donated a pure gold trophy,” stated Alemao.

“The priority during the AGM is to set the date for the elections and to form an adhoc committee for the same as they cannot be conducted under this dispensation,” stated Alemao.

“As per the law they cannot go to court,” stated Alemao when asked what he would do if the present committee arranged someone to approach the courts , to further delay elections.

“I am not disclosing my strategy for the AGM. You will know tomorrow (today),” stated Alemao.

The press conference was attended by presidents and secretaries of some clubs from the South and the North and all lambasted Elvis Gomes for taking football to its lowest level.

“The Executive Committee should have been dissolved before its term was over. What is happening is a mess,” stated Cosme Oliveira, general secretary of Raia Sports Club. “We have a case which is three years old and are being made to dance for so long. GFA is in disorder for the last three years,” stated Simon Barreto, president of Maina Sports Club.

“If the Natinal Sports Code is important it could have been amended during the last EGM held two months back. Why is the GFA trying to postpone elections on the excuse of amending the constitution to incorporate the National Sports Code now,” asked Valente Fernandes of San Jose de Areal Sports Club.

The GFA EGM and AGM are going to be held today in Panaji, and it is going to be chaired by Elvis Gomes, according to a press release issued by GFA.

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