Wednesday , 26 February 2020
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Generosity is not a Virtue



Generosity is not a virtue, it is a weakness that has come from a limited identity of who you are. Suppose your child is hungry right now. If you give him food, do you think you are generous? Do you feel generous? No. But if a child on the street is hungry, if you give something to that child, you think you are generous, isn’t it? So generosity has come from a limited identity of who you are.

Instead of being generous, if your humanity functions from within you, you will do anything that is needed without feeling generous and stingy about it. It is only because you are stingy that you can be generous. If you are not stingy, you would not need any generosity in life. You will simply do what is needed.

I am not a generous person. I simply do what is needed, that’s all. If I have to give food to somebody on the street, if I have it I will give it. It is not my generosity or my virtue, I think it is just natural. Even an animal in the forest eats what it wants and leaves the rest to others, isn’t it? It is not generous, it is just going by its nature. Similarly, if you function out of your humanity, it is just natural that your heart beats for everybody and everything in the world.

Human beings have not allowed their humanity to function, so all these false values are needed. If you are barren of love, you need all these false virtues. If you had love for the person who is sitting in front of you, do you need to be generous with him? When you have love in your heart, how much ever you do, you always feel you have not done enough. Only a person who has no love in his heart feels that he has been too generous and done too much. He knows morality, not humanity. With morality you become crooked, with humanity everything will be okay.

So generosity is not a virtue, it is a very negative factor in your life. But all these things have been celebrated in society because we have twisted the whole society in a certain direction. Don’t be generous. Just be human. That’s more than enough.

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