Sunday , 26 May 2019

Futsal turf for soccer enthusiasts

Futsal enthusiasts have something to look forward to as an indoor futsal turf recently opened at Caculo Mall, Panjim. The 6000 sq. ft pitch on the 7th floor of the Mall has artificial grass imported from Europe.  It also has floodlights for night games and cage netting not to mention breathtaking view from the top most floor of the building.   

The pitch occupies the space that was earlier taken up by Dojo De Goa. It is the brain child of entrepreneurs, Vatan Mathias and Kristen Gonsalves who recently launched their first venture Play Goa.  While working in Goa for the last three years Mathias was finding it difficult to play football due to lack of space in the city especially after working hours. He adds, “When I visited Caculo Mall I always felt that the top floor with its amazing view would be ideal for a futsal court and then contacted the mall owner who was more than happy to provide us the space and give their support for the venture to start.”

Infills of sand and rubber have been used to make the turf durable for the rough sport. “The sand used for the turf is to help absorb the shocks so as to protect the knees and the rubber ensures that the players do not hurt themselves in case of a fall,” explains Mathias.

Futsal is modified form of soccer played with five players per side on a smaller, typically indoor pitch. The sport is played worldwide. There is a futsal premier league and Goa has its own futsal association.