Tuesday , 21 May 2019

Fr Agnel Central School organises Talent Extravaganza

Fr Agnel Central School, Pilar organised ‘Talent Extravaganza’ a two-day talent and cultural event. The aim of the event was to give every student an opportunity to showcase and exhibit their artistic potential and work as a team. Every student had to participate in one on-stage and off-stage activity.

Day one began with on-stage events for students of class 1 to 5 (junior category) who participated in various competitions like singing (duet/solo), dancing (duet/solo) and mimicry. Off-stage events were held simultaneously for the senior students from class 6 to 9. Off-stage events included wealth out of waste, photo frame making, bottle painting and decorating, street food and T-shirt painting.

The second half of the day began with on-stage events and off-stage events for seniors and the juniors respectively.

Judges for on-stage events included principal of Pilar Music School, Domnic Alvares and singer Blasio Pinto. Judges for off-stage events were Aurora Colaco and Danielle Caido of Fr Agnel Higher Secondary School; Snehal Desai and Ronan Barreto of Fr Agnel High School; and lecturers at Presentation Convent Higher Secondary School, Pralika Alvares and Nelia Pereira.

Day two had the house wise competition for juniors and seniors from red, green, yellow and blue houses. The competitions for junior category included fusion dance and folk song while the senior category included fusion dance and fashion show based on the theme ‘Elements of Nature’. Judges from the same were Fr Domnic Alvares and moderator of All India Mission Seminary, Pilar, Fr Peter Fernandes.