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For the love of regional cinema

Regional cinema lovers are in for a treat as Bol-ETV will soon be launched making regional cinema especially Konkani cinema accessible to audiences in different corners of the world. NT BUZZ gets you the details


For lovers of regional cinema, good news awaits with the soon-to-be-launched app Bol-ETV on Android and IOS devices. This app will not only make regional cinema accessible but give the regional film industry a platform to showcase their talent and hard work through their films. The founders of the app, Tapan Acharya and Mangirish Salelkar aim to cover enough revenue to recover filmmaking costs and uplift this miniscule industry.

Being a diverse country with so many languages, only one language is given significance on international online streaming apps, noted the founders. Hence the idea for developing such an app was conceptualised. “Out of 212 languages, we saw only one language being prominently highlighted predominantly across by all international platforms. Other languages have not been able to portray their share of what they deserve,” says Acharya.

However, Salelkar says that the idea behind developing this app was to help filmmakers who spend a lot of money on films and aren’t able to generate the revenue. “The app is Tapan’s brain child and he pushed this idea to me. That’s when I came onboard because I understand the whole situation, which is, that there are filmmakers and producers who spend a lot of money and never get their returns,” he said.

In fact, Acharya said that this platform will aid in converting regional literature into digital stories which can be streamed by anyone. “Over a period of time we’ll see these languages getting diluted and cease existence. That’s when we thought of coming up with something called Bol-ETV. Here, we’ll be targeting all the Indian languages to build their own content and to convert their literature into digital stories which can be streamed across by lovers of those languages because every language struggles to have a status,” he adds.

Salelkar further informs that Goa being a small state, filmmakers do not get the recognition and chance to showcase their films. “In Goa, they do not really get a stage or a theatre where they can exhibit their shows and they only get a limited time. For that reason we said let’s have an online platform similar like the ones that exist internationally,” he says.

Initially the app was developed to provide a platform for Konkani regional cinema but the founders decided to incorporate other regional languages as well. “Our intention was to get Konkani movies, tiatrs or dramas and more not only for the audience in Goa but for those sitting across the globe from Mangalore and Mumbai to UK, US, Middle East and Portugal, etc where we have a lot of the Konkani-speaking crowd. Then we said, ‘Why just Konkani, let us focus on other regional languages like Assamese, Mizo and other North Eastern languages along with Marathi and South Indian languages’,” says Salelkar.

Acharya adds that other platforms mainly showcase only a certain kind of regional cinema, such as Telugu, Malayalam, etc. “While other online platforms have some regional films we are talking about Konkani, Assamese, Tulu, Bhojpuri, Odia, Malayalam, Haryanvi, Guajarati and Rajasthani as these languages are not easily available,” he adds.

The app which is currently in its content acquisition phase will be launched in December. “We have approximately 25 Konkani movies and regional movies. Our aim is by that by mid December we are in full fledge to launch this app,” said Salelkar.

The app will follow a pay-per-view format and audiences will not need to pay for a yearly subscription thus making payment easier. “People can pay for these movies through their phone credits. One can spend merely `40 or `50 and watch any movie of their choice as and when or where they please,” explained Salelkar. The app also comes with a prevention of privacy as the makers have ensured that this will not be made possible by disabling the option of screen mirroring and video recording.

(Bol-ETV will be launched mid December at INOX, Panaji.)

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