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For the love of Goa

The lyrical video of ‘Bhui Mhaji’, themed around Goan heritage, was recently released on YouTube and went viral overnight, crossing 10, 000 views in three days. NT BUZZ finds more


‘Bhui Mhaji’, a recently released Konkani tune speaks about the deep connection between soil and soul. The lyrical video which was recently released on YouTube is created using pictures that depict Goa’s rich heritage and culture and went viral overnight, crossing 10,000 views in three days after its release

Sung by singer/composer, Rrohit Gavandi who has been contributing to Konkani music since 2013, the video has been produced by Monkey Valley Entertainment.  And Gavandi states that the producer Rajesh Mandrekar thought of coming up with this song to show people the real Goa.

“Mandrekar believed that my voice was perfect to bring out the emotions and expression of the lyrics which were beautifully written by Shiva Shirgaonkar,” says Gavandi. The video is edited by Nikhil Haldankar.

The culture and customs of Goa have always inspired Gavandi, who has been an assistant music director for Bollywood movies like ‘Baaghi’, ‘Jolly LLB 2’, ‘Befikra’, ‘Naam Shabana’ and ‘Touch Chesi Chudu’,  to create art. “I wanted to showcase the love and beauty Goa has to offer. I’m thankful to all the Goenkars for showering love and blessings on ‘Bhui Mhaji’,” he says.

He further states that a lot of Goenkars kept the video as their WhatsApp and Facebook status. “Goans from all over the world called to thank me for gifting them ‘Bhui Mhaji’. Singer Hema Sardesai also messaged me saying that “my voice touched her heart and brought tears to her eyes.”

He and his team were also invited to CM’s residence. Gavandi reveals that a day after the release of the video, at about 12:30 a.m. he received a WhatsApp message from one of his common friends saying that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had asked for his number. Gavandi was taken aback as he had never expected this.

“CM Pramod Sawant and his wife Sulakshina Sawant appreciated my song invited us to their residence to congratulate me personally. Next day my wife Priti Gavandi, Shiva Shirgaonkar, Rajesh Mandrekar, and I visited their residence. We were positively motivated after being appreciated by them,” he states.

Work is currently in progress on the official music video of the tune. “It will be shot all over Goa and locals will get a chance to be featured in the video,” says Gavandi.

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