Monday , 22 January 2018

Folk art to enthral Goans

The annual folk festival ‘Lokostav’ will be held from January 12 to January 21 at Kala Academy, Panaji. NT BUZZ brings to you the details of the ten-day festival

In order to ensure a unique 19th edition of Lokostav (Folk festival) and to promote the rich traditional heritage of the state, the traditional rath dancers, who perform in front of the temples for various festivals, will be seen at the inauguration of the ten-day ‘Lokostav’ festival swaying their hand-held chariots. This year the festival will be held from January 12 to January 21 at Kala Academy, Panaji and will be inaugurated by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.

Making a conscious attempt to keep the festival devoid plastic, the organisers have instructed all the stalls and eatable outlets not to use polythene bags and keep the place clean. Speaking during a press conference on Monday, Minister for Art and Culture, Govind Gaude said:  “The speciality of Lokostav this year is that it will be polythene free. We have instructed the stalls to use other disposable material that is not harmful to the environment. We have also released a special tender for maintenance committee who will look at the sanitation and cleanliness aspect of the festival. Four mobile toilets for both women and men will be installed during the festival.”

Visitors of the festival this year will get to witness around 600 to 700 stalls out of which there will be around 300 stalls displaying crafts and 50 eatables outlets. “As the numbers of applicants from Goa who will be putting up their stalls have increased and due to space constraints the Goan groups will have to share their stalls,” added Gaude.

For the folk festival handicraft items such as Bandhani, Kathputali, Lakh Bengals, leather bags and slippers, khadi, Kotha and silk materials, handmade garments, carpets, glass wear, clay art, furniture, wooden toys, block print, appliqué work as well as Goan crafts will be displayed for sale.

Visitors can also enjoy the taste of the traditional food items of Rajasthan and other states during the festival between 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Various cultural programmes will be conducted in the Open Air Auditorium of Kala Academy from January 13 to January 20 every day 7 p.m. onwards. The programmes include a western musical concert, Baul song and dance, Lepcha song and dance by West Bengal artists. Besides these programmes school children’s from four different schools will present Dashavatar- Aakhyan, Sankhasur Kaalo, Perni Jagor and khel-tiatr. The Goan artists at the festival will perform various Goan folk forms like Ghode Modani, Jagor, Mussal, lamp dance, Goff, Dekhni, Mando, Kunbi/Dandla Khel and Dhangar on different days.

This folk festival is organised by the Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Goa every year in joint collaboration of West Zone Cultural Centre Udaipur, Kala Academy Goa, Sports Authority of Goa, Corporation of the City of Panaji, South Central Zone Cultural Centre Nagpur, Department of Art & Culture Jharkhand and other agencies in order to promote the folk culture and handicrafts from different states and also from Goa.

“This is 19th year of Lokotsav in Goa and day by day the popularity of the festival is increasing. It is a unique opportunity for Goans to witness and interact with folk artists and craftsman from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Assam, Manipur and other states,” concluded Gaude.

(The event is open to all)

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