Saturday , 19 October 2019
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Fisherman’s son sells fish online straight from the boat

Michael Fisher | B&C

Vasco based Richard Pereira 19, a 3rd year BBA student at Deepvihar College took the plunge to follow his passion in the family fishing business which started three generation ago.

While most customers are exploring the grocery segments, Richard is soft launching his portal selling the family fish online and delivering fish either cut or whole an option given to the buyer at their doorstep.

Richard is officially launching the site on his birthday August 4 at zero hour. It is probably the first of its kind being introduced in Goa when the market is abuzz with costly and unaffordable fish, he says.

This concept was the result of reading about flipkart and Snapdeal. This online retailing has sidelined the middleman making the product cheaper when sold directly to the customer. Explaining the method how fish is sold in the open market, he says, I come from a fishing family background.

We sell our catch to agents and fish mongers (women). Since the market audience is restricted to a single place for fish mongers, they have to recover the full daily quota by selling full basket. They selling margins sometimes double thereby the customer who can do without fish pay more than the actual value. We hear fish prices are expensive this is due to summed up margins. Citing an example, he says travelling from Vasco jetty to Sada by motor cycle pilot charges cost Rs30 each way. To make up this additional cost the fish mongers add travelling to the cost of the fish they sell, thus making the fish expensive.

To make it easier for the working class people who after their duty hours rush to the market, but now with they will get instant information on the type of fish availability, its freshness and the quality at their door step and reasonably priced.

Presently the delivering is restricted up to MES College in Vasco. This Sunday morning (2 August) I delivered two kgs of solar prawns cost Rs 250 a kg to two homes, who contacted me.

Coming from the prestigious fishing family he assures fresh catch of a variety of sea fishes through his online store. When a quantity of fish arrives it will be updated on the website and its availability for purchase. The portal is designed to be customer user-friendly with an option to download Android app or skip.  Other options include order for whole fish or cut and clean.

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