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Devotees taking home sheaves of the first crop

First ‘Konnas’ at Raia’s Konnsachem Fest

‘Konnsachem Fest’ was celebrated at Our Lady of Snows Church, Raia on Sunday, with great pomp and gaiety in Raia, Rachol and the nearby villages. Devotees were seen taking home the first sheaves of paddy after the blessing of the crop.

The feast is celebrated to mark the beginning of harvest season. It acts as a prayer to God for a fruitful year. It symbolises respect for the first paddy sheaves of the season.

There were four masses held in the morning at 5.45 a.m., 7 a.m., 8.15 a.m. and the high mass at 9.30 a.m. After the third mass, a procession was held from Our Lady of Snows Church towards the demarcated church field. Assistant parish priest Fr Pedro Costa blessed the first crop of the season with a prayer and holy water. People gathered around the field to participate in the prayers.

As per tradition, Fr Pedro, along with the members of the Fabrica and Confrarias, parish committee members and other associations, reaped the first corn of the season using a silver sickle. Following this, devotees and people of the village collected the first sheaves of paddy to keep it as a blessing in their homes.

The high mass was celebrated by Fr Allen Tavares where the paddy sheaves were offered to God.

People from Raia, Rachol and surrounding areas participated in the mass with great devotion. After the mass they moved to the paddy field and collected the sheaves. Devotees were then seen wandering along the stalls at Raia that sold variety of items from earthern pots and clothes to toys and accessories. People were seen buying sweets and enjoying the festivities.

Resident of Solva Raia, Inacio-Noronha, a journalist who has written two books in Roman Konkani was felicitated by the Raia Sporting Club on the feast day.

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