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Singer and music composer Sidhanath Buyao will release six music videos on August 10 at the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG), Panaji, based on varied themes and tell different stories. Two of these videos feature Puja Naik and Vikram Keni Gaitonde. NT BUZZ brings you the details


After releasing over 17 albums, singer Sidhananth Buyao has yet another musical offering. He is all set to release six music videos which tell different stories. Among them are two stories of Panaji-based Puja Naik who has sung and performed in the music videos despite a mild speech impediment and the other is of Margao-based Vikram Keni Gaitonde, who holds deep interest in cricket and is an engineer by profession, yet has chosen music over the two.

The six music videos are based on different themes and stories. The cover song – a Hindi mash-up – for the music videos is performed by Vikram, while Puja has sung a motivational song. A Marathi song has also been rendered by Swapnil Bandodkar. Sidhanath has sung three songs and dedicated each to Lord Damodar, Jesus Christ and one based on the Shravan month.

Despite her impairment, Puja has sung at various events and has also appeared on a singing reality show. Speaking about how he roped in Puja for the video, Sidhanath says: “We have a mutual friend. And when I spoke to Puja first, I tried listening to her. Nobody in her family was from a singing background but what I liked about her was that she would sing on the right scale and rhythm. Despite her speech limitation she has always given her 100 per cent.”

Puja loves music and has sung at various competitions, with the steadfast encouragement of her mother Sushila Naik. “I had taken her to visit one of my friends for Christmas. She had just learned Christmas carols and she started singing there. The people were amazed to hear her and they told me to give her training in music and thus her journey began.” Puja cannot read and write and this would be her first professional video.

Margao-based Vikram always held a fascination for music but never took it too seriously. He decided that he had to give something back to the music industry, after music helped him through his fight against depression. “For me cricket was everything but I did not get the required opportunity and I was depressed, only music got me going. And when I met Sidhanath I began to understand the music industry and how it works and now with this music video I will be making my debut,” says Vikram.

Sidhanath who had earlier advised Vikram to get himself trained in music says: “He was more into cricket and not singing. I liked his voice quality and had advised him to go to music classes and Vikram got trained for classical music and for this music video I thought of giving him a chance to sing as well act.” Sidhanath found that both Vikram and Puja’s life stories had a common factor that of their struggle and through these music videos he gave them both a platform to showcase their work.


(The music videos will be screened and launched on August 10 at 6 p.m. at Auditorium 1, Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG), Panaji.)

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