Monday , 18 March 2019
Find bliss at Andores Resort & Spa

Find bliss at Andores Resort & Spa

Feel like you are in Ibiza, Cascais in Portugal, and Bali all at once in Calangute at Andores De Goa

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Living quite close to Calangute, it was the nearest hot spot we would visit as children. The beach and a walk down the road were relaxing back then. Now it’s one place I hate riding or driving through. It’s probably over four years now that I’ve actually stepped onto the shores of Calangute beach. The demographics of this place has undergone a sea change, surrounded by umpteen liquor shops coupled with bad road and drunken tourists which has put me off this place.

So, with much hesitation, I checked into the upscale boutique resort Andores Resort & Spa, a beautiful creation of civil engineer Edgar Afonso. His expertise and penchant for art is reflected in every direction you face at this extremely peaceful place. From the metal and wooden works, art installations, to the verdant gardens, it all gives you the feel of being in Goa and at a luxurious international holiday simultaneously. This sophisticated, pleasing, modern and bespoke property spread over 2 acres of land is a perfect getaway.

All the 25 spacious rooms (and they are very big indeed) open to a balcony that overlooks the pristine pool and verdant gardens. Trust me, the luxury, cleanliness, and service at this hotel will get you to forget about work, conflicts, and all negative things while you are there. The combination of colours from the grey flooring to the white walls; the colonial and antique selection of furniture, are a treat to your senses and draws you to appreciate art, interiors and exteriors.

I went with friends with the aim of spending the night with music and laughter, but the cosy bed got the better of me. The lavish bedding and pillows got me to fall asleep much earlier than my usual time. I did miss the tub in the bathroom, but was happy admiring the work on the bathroom door with the mother of pearl and beautiful simple patterns.

The amenities are of hospitality standards with a loaded mini bar and tea/coffee maker, electronic safe. Afonso has paid minute attention to every detail and hasn’t compromised on quality, unlike other resorts in the area.

The staff was impeccable; from Rohini on the front desk, to Jobin and Shailesh at the restaurants, their genuine approach was warm and welcoming. I am not a plant lover, but the well manicured garden at the resort got me thinking of getting one of my own. There’s so much to look around, sink in and enjoy at this resort, the one hardly feels the need to get out and go sightseeing.

We had a lovely five course meal at Diva, by Chef Ritu Dalmia. Pizza had to be on our list, but everything from the antipasti, and primi piatti to the dolce (dessert) was as expected – outstanding.

Cinnamon is the restaurant where we had our sumptuous breakfast. It’s said ‘eat like a king for breakfast’, and I stayed true to those words. From waffles, pancakes, sausages and eggs as you like it, to south Indian dosa, upma, and fruits and juices, I ate it all. The fault doesn’t lie in my stars; it lies in the magnanimity of choices offered. It serves some great Goan and Indian delicacies too.

The lush lawns are ideal for hosting a party or to laze around and admire the beauty of nature. The resort also boasts of a spa, gymnasium and lounge where you could chill, or pick up a book.

All in all this is an ideal place to experience great comfort, in a spacious setting where a sense of calmness and well being takes over!

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