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Fighting against tobacco through film

On the occasion of World No-Tobacco Day, dean at Goa Dental College and Hospital, Ida De Noronha De Ataide said that Goa reports the lowest prevalence of tobacco in the country. She was speaking at the ‘Goa Anti-Tobacco National Film Festival 2019’ prize distribution organised by the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) and the Department of Public Health Dentistry, Goa Dental College and Hospital at Maquinez Palace, ESG.

She further announced that the district magistrate of North Goa has issued a directive to screen all the winning shorts films at the beginning and end of the films in the theatres. “Smoking is a serious epidemic that not only kills the person smoking but also the people around. This year we will focus on the important link between tobacco and lung diseases. The campaign will increase awareness on the negative impact that tobacco has on the health of the smoker’s lungs,” she added.

Secretary of National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE) and jury member, Shekhar Salkar expressed his disappointment over the entries received and said that the standard of the ad and short film entries was not up to the mark as compared to last years.

He further spoke about the latest trend of e-cigarettes and e-vaporisers and how youngsters are falling prey to the same. “They feel that e-cigarettes don’t cause cancer however that is not true. There will be around 30 per cent who will give up on cigarettes however there will be 70 per cent who despite knowing they have cancer wouldn’t want to give up on smoking. I hope films become a good medium to pass on the message to a large audience,” added Salkar.

In order to raise awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco, vice-chairman of ESG, Rajendra Talak said that films are the best mediums and more people need to participate. “It is good to see that filmmakers from Goa are coming forward to make films and therefore, this will help spread the message.”

The theme for this year was ‘Tobacco and Lung Health’. There were two categories, namely the Goa section and the National Section. Under the Goa Section, 12 entries were received, while under the National section, seven entries were received. The jury who judged all the entries of ad films included Nandini Kamat, Shekhar Salkar, Varsha Kamat, Sangramsinh Gaikwad and Sachin Chatte.

In the Goa section, the first place of `50,000 was won by Amol Prabhugaonkar for the ad film ‘Dhuvarr’; second place of `30,000 was won by Mayur G Kambli for ad film ‘Nishkriya Dhumrapan’ and the third place of `20,000 by Brijesh Kakodkar for ad film ‘Stop Now’.

In the National section, the first place of `1,00,000 was won by Sunil H Naik  for the ad film ‘Silent Killer’ and the second place of `50,000 was won by Miransha Naik for the ad film ‘Why?’.

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