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Femina Miss India 2014: Koyal Rana inspires Goans to get fit
Femina Miss India 2014 KOYAL RANA inaugurated the first Reebok ‘Fit Hub’ store in Goa at Panaji.

Femina Miss India 2014: Koyal Rana inspires Goans to get fit

Femina Miss India 2014 KOYAL RANA inaugurated the first Reebok ‘Fit Hub’ store in Goa at Panaji that will provide one-stop fitness destination for various needs. In a chat with NT BUZZ the lanky beauty spoke about her association with the brand, her fitness regime, Femina Miss India duties and moreBy Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ

Q: What made you sign up with Reebok, when there are so many other brands you could have opted for?

I am the brand ambassador for Reebok since 2014. It’s great to be associated with this brand the company ideology and philosophy matches mine. I love the collection of women’s wear, the different types of shoes, etc. It’s so like me who believes in fitness and likes doing so many different activities to keep my fitness training sessions lively and enjoyable, whether it’s pilates, jogging on the beach or doing weight training. I’m really excited about the ‘Fit Hub’ store which is such a unique idea. Here the store has the feel and look of a gym. It has gears for various fitness activities and the best part is that there is a big and separate section for women.

Q: So what your fitness mantra then?

I don’t have a mantra, but I ensure that my workouts are fun and exciting.

Q: …And what about food then?

I just can’t keep exercising. To stay fit one also needs to have a balanced diet. Also, dieting and not exercising isn’t the right way to getting fit. I don’t eat oily stuff as it affects my skin. On the other hand there is something like pizzas which I can’t do without. I have made a rule therefore which is to have pizzas only on Saturday’s…but, if I do forget the day, I make it a point not to have it till the next Saturday comes.

Q: How busy are you?

I’m occupied with my Miss India duties which involve attending events, pageants etc. I am also getting quite a good response from the film industry and advertising world, but I’m taking it one step at a time.

Q: What is it that you look for in a guy?

Hmm… of course, someone tall (Koyal is 5 feet 9 Inches). But I remember being asked for the Miss India pageant about three qualities I look for in a guy…I said, “The man I choose should have love for fitness.” It’s also because I have grown up seeing my dad being a fitness freak. He loves working out and gyming and that’s what keeps him fit. So, my man in that sense should be like my dad.

Q: Models today are overshadowed on the ramp by celebrities like actors and sports stars. Comment.

I don’t think models are overshadowed on the ramp; the very fact that we walk the ramp puts us in the limelight. I have been the showstopper several times. It’s just that designers believe when there is a celebrity as a show stopper, the appeal is greater. Today, people look up to actors and sports personalities like Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza and are hence chosen to walk the ramp.

Q: What does fashion to you mean?

I just don’t like wearing things that are in vogue, but am more of a trendsetter. I love experimenting with clothes and styles. Before being crowned Miss India, I used to be a very simple girl in my dressing style and loved wearing my tees and a pair of jeans. But, now after joining the glamour world and after having seen quite a lot…I love trying out different things and looks.

Q: Do you miss being the earlier Koyal who was free to do what she wanted?

Not really. I’m happy and am enjoying this new phase. I also believe that I have evolved as a person.

Q: What are some causes that you have taken up?

I began working for society through various NGO’s like Aarohan, Pratham and Help Age India much before Miss India happened to me. It was three years back that a few friends and I started Moksha Foundation which does work in sanitation and hygiene, medical aid, etc.

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