Fearlessly dancing to glory

Dance group Nirbhay Bhav from Porvorim recently won gold medal at the open dance category of National Dance Sports Championship at Jammu. In conversation with NT BUZZ choreographer, Sudesh Salgaonkar shares more


While there are several dance groups and academies conducting classes, workshops and training in dance there are many who are going beyond the ordinary and are taking the talent and knowledge of dance to the next level. Formed back in 2015 in Porvorim by choreographer Sudesh Salgaonkar Nirbhay Bhav has been creating waves across India.

At the recently concluded open dance championship organised by National Dance Sports Council of India and hosted by Harman Dance & Educational Group, the group won gold and will now qualify for the Asian Championship and represent India at the international championship to take place in April.

“It was a great moment when we won not only because of the prize but also because we were the only Goan team. The newspapers there had all our photographers and news about winning on the next day which was indeed a proud moment for us and Goa,” he says.

At the contest there were various rounds and after clearing them all, they successfully claimed the winning title. “This was one of the most interesting competitions which saw more than 250 participations coming from over 20 states. There were different categories of dance and we presented our style which was Indian folk. We had created our own style. In this we had presented a mythological story,” says Sudesh.

Interestingly, one of the judges of the competition himself had asked them to take part for the event. “In Goa, we performed the opening act for a special children’s school event. The judge was so impressed that he asked us to participate in the event and gave us a wild card entry; this is how we made our way to the event following which there were selection rounds and other things. A team of around 17 dancers went to Jammu,” says Sudesh.

Nirbhay Bhav translates as fearless and therefore the group believes in giving their best without fearing anyone or anything. They have carved a niche for themselves in Indian folk dance forms and theme based dance forms.

Speaking about the dance scene in Goa, Sudesh says: “While the dance scenario in Goa is evolving it still has a long way to go. The dancers here are quite skilled and talented but when it comes to competitions and events, it is quite limited. We have to continuously keep a check for national level dance competitions as there aren’t such events coming here which needs to be looked into.”

Nirbhay Bhav is not just a dance group but is also a theatre group. They previously won the national level event at All India Open Dance Championship at Ratnagiri, Maharashtra in December 2018 and All India Garbha Dandiya Championsip held at Nagpur in 2017.

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