Saturday , 21 July 2018

FDA officials raid sweet making unit at Duler




In continuance of the special surveillance in view of the forthcoming Ganesh festival, officials of Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), on Friday, checked buses over transportation of mava.

The officials also raided a sweetmeat  making unit at Duler, and directed its owner to stop the operation, allegedly being carried out in an unhygienic condition, and seized a stock worth Rs 2 lakh and destroyed it.

The teams of FDA officials were on their toes since early morning as they looked for vehicles  transporting mava.

The inspection was carried out at Mapusa bus stand and Colvale bus stand, wherein more than 60 buses were checked, but no mava was found.

Later, a team led by senior food safety officer Rajiv Korde, and comprising food safety officer Richard Noronha and others, inspected sweetmeat making facility at Duler, informed the FDA, adding during the inspection, the officials found the premises used for making sweets to be unclean.

The FDA informed that the food handlers were without proper attire, and personal hygiene was found wanting in them, and added that food handlers were preparing farsan near a toilet.

The FDA officials seized farsan items, which were packed and kept for dispatch but without proper labels.

The FDA officials said that mava, which is used for preparing sweets like ‘peda’ ‘barfi’ and others, was kept in an unhygienic condition, and even the return stock of pedas, which was received from market, was being mixed with fresh mava to make new batch of pedas.

Stock of mava was found to have mould. Even the green peas, used in farsan, were found to have excess colour, the officials said.

Some samples of green peas were taken by the FDA officials for carrying out tests. A rickshaw was also found, which was used to store farsan items and other eatables, the officials said. The FDA officials took way samples and seized mava, farsan and other sweets from the premises, all worth Rs 2 lakh, and same was destroyed.

The owner was served notice to stop the operations, the officials said.

Korde informed that “on Friday, buses were checked over transportation of mava, but no mava was found and then a premises was inspected at Duler and directions were issued to stop production of sweets and farsan.

He further added that “during inspection it was found that food handlers were using alum for making jalebi so that jalebi remain hard for next 15-20 days, and we also suspect that they use washing powder in course of making farsan and shankarpali. The samples are taken by the officials.”


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