Sunday , 19 May 2019

FDA highlights its role in controlling tobacco


On the occasion of ‘World No Tobacco Day’, designated officer, North Goa, Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) Richard Noronha spoke about the role of FDA in Tobacco at an awareness session held on Wednesday in the Conference Hall, Directorate of Health Services organised by NOTE India and Consumer Voice in collaboration with Directorate of Health Services.

In his session, Richard spoke about the number of laws that they enforce to control tobacco out of which the most important and of their interest are COTPA Act 2003 and the Goa Public Health (Amendment) Act, 2005. He also mentioned that the Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration includes a drugs enforcement section, technical section, administration section, food enforcement section and lab section that conducts analysis and the data helps in enforcement activities.

He further said that tobacco controlled is handled by their food section that is responsible for tobacco control.  “The outline is that we have around 70 food safety officers for the state of Goa and four senior food safety officers and the biggest challenge ahead, is that we have around 35,000 food establishments to regulate in the state,” he added.

Speaking about the two strategies they enforce to battle tobacco, Richard said: “A blend of both of awareness and enforcement is very important.

He concluded by highlighting enforcement success stories. He said: “Till date we have booked over 50 cases under GPH (9 cases yet to be declared), joint raid with commercial tax and legal metrology etc.”