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Fashion extravaganza ‘Flaunt Your Fashion’ is back with the second edition; to be held on November 10 and 11 the Panjim Community Centre. NT BUZZ brings you details

Janice Savina Rodrigues |NT BUZZ

Goa’s ever growing number of pop up shows has proved that the state is getting more fashion conscious by the day. In this light, Sosa designer boutique is hosting its second pop up fashion extravaganza ‘Flaunt Your Fashion’ Season 2 at the Panjim Community Centre to bridge the gap between the Goan consumer and national level designers. The fashion event will be held on November 10 and 11. “Last year we had a good response and this year we are going bigger and aiming for the better, with the increase in the number of designers and a lot of new names,” says proprietor of Sôsa’s designer boutique, Myra Silveira.

The store which takes their fashion offerings very seriously aims to revolutionise the way the Goan shopper buys their clothes and accessories. “We are bringing some of the country’s talented designers, all under one roof, from the length and breadth of India,” says Myra. Close to 30 designers are set to participate with their unique and chic wares.

“Like last year, this year too we want to provide a platform for designers to showcase their collections at a reasonable rate to Goan fashion buffs. I have noticed that this kind of platforms work best as it eliminates the costs put on the garments and jewellery by the middlemen involved; here it will be a direct designer to the customer equation,” says Myra. Apart from the positive aspect of the pricing, this gives the customer a chance to be more involved in the garment selection process as the designer will himself or herself, be present at the venue to offer their expertise. “Where else would you get to interact with these designers from across the country?” asks Myra.

Interestingly, the SôsaTs store was established 20 years ago, on 14th December, 1998, and Myra aims to continue in the legacy and provide creations from multiple designers from all over India in one location. “When I started the Flaunt Your Fashion last year, I decided to keep this same idea in mind,” she says. From natural fabrics, hand dyed fabric to Swarovski crystals and brass jewellery, there is everything for every fashion shopper.

The list of designers from across the country include: Anuj Sharma from Ahmedabad; Simply Kitsch from Haryana; Boho Red from New Delhi; The Beach Company from Mumbai; Ek Taara from Jaipur; The Veav from Mumbai; Khela kids from Kolkata; Boheco from Mumbai; Rekha Rathore from Mumbai; Tiso Ghari from Ahmedabad; Adawna Jewelry from Mumbai; Notch Above from Hyderabad; Pasithea from Ahmedabad; H&H from Kolkata; Princessories from Bangalore; Amvi Arts from Mumbai; Studio F from Mumbai. Apart from these, the event will also provide a platform to some young and up-coming designers from Goa like Sehaj Singh, S&C Bags; Kandida; Kimberly D’Sa; Sania/Supriya; Sherly Couture and Knit n Purl.

Speaking about the Goan fashion scene, Myra states that it is high time that Goans break out of the cocoon and strive to be on par with national level fashion designers. “This is a brilliant chance for them to engage with the designers from across the country, and help up their amp in the fashion world,” says Myra. She adds that the fashion industry in Goa is still lagging behind because of the list of middle men that come into the play. “We don’t get good fabric here in Goa and even if we do it is very inconsistent, the pricing also get hiked up as it involves a lot of intermediary levels of suppliers, who all want to take their cut, before it is finally sold to the designer,” she says. She also adds that this applies to the designer to customer chain too and thus pop-up shows like these help both the designers as well as the consumer.


(The event is open to all.)


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