Wednesday , 23 January 2019
Explore Goa with ‘Khushfehmiyaan’
Web series are gaining popularity and to add to the entertainment is ‘Khushfehmiyaan’- a series that will be available on the Gemplex platform soon. NT BUZZ takes a peek into the shooting of this series that has unexplored Goa at its core

Explore Goa with ‘Khushfehmiyaan’




‘Khushfehmiyaan’ is a web series directed by Vishal Kumar Patil and written in association with Avishek Majumder. Web series fans especially Goans will take pride in watching prime locales of Goa like Panaji, Taligao Church, Reis Magos Fort Road, Parra, Saligao, beaches like Arambol and Keri, etc in this series.

The Hindi language series with a touch of English, but in keeping with the Goan lingo, has different characters who although are not from Goa, are as warm as Goans by heart. The team has already shot their first season of six episodes of 15 minutes each. The series is scheduled to be streamed on the Gemplex an OTP platform (‘Over The Top’ – a platform like Hotstar) and YouTube from mid-July.

Gemplex has been set up only recently by Prakash Tiwari and Rohan Tiwari who are also the producers of the show, and Suresh Anchan is the associate producer. The platform will enable viewers to watch different web series any time on their phones or computers.

‘Khushfehmiyaan’ is a story of a charismatic chef Peter Braganza essayed by Nasir Abdullah (who has worked in films like Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om among others), who runs a café by the beach in North Goa, and his three “adopted cooks” Rocky (Maitrik Thakkar), Kabir (Ankit Raizada) and Sam (Aman Tyagi) who are best buddies since childhood. Known for their style and enigma all three boys have grown up into charming chefs of the hottest café in town, Peter’s Café. Interestingly due to Peter’s ailing health his biological daughter Carol (Pratibha Tiwari) arrives from Russia after 12 years to take care of her father. The three boys have had a huge crush on Carol since their childhood; and thus begins a battle for love between three best friends. Things turn ugly as they compete for her love and they ruin their friendship and leave Peters Café and make their way to other cities to be on their own. After Peter’s death, they come for his funeral, each one boasting of their success, but feeling hollow inside. This series is a journey of three buddies who rediscover their identity as Peter’s chefs.

Goa being a very vibrant place attracts youth from across the country, and the director Vishal wanted to shoot at different locations that have been boasting of a long-standing charm and its greenery. “The web series has been entirely shot in Goa for a period of ten days. We tried to shoot at the locations that haven’t been exposed earlier. This place has always been my favourite shooting destination, offering warm hospitality topped with beautiful locales,” says Vishal.

Goans would be pretty surprised and happy to watch ‘Khushfehmiyaan’ as the team has tried to follow the culture of Goa, capturing the depth of relationships people share here. In fact the director believes that his spectators would wait for the second season after watching the first one.

‘Web series’ is a new form of entertainment on-the-go which is available easily on any device with access to the internet. It has the scope to reach the audiences who love to watch variety of content. And Gemplex is soon launching six web series shot in different parts of India including Mumbai, Goa, Chandigarh, Mangalore, Surat and Hyderabad. Apart from ‘Khushfehmiyaan’ in Goa, they have already shot ‘Lovely Da Dhaba’ in Punjab, ‘Bollywood Gurukul’ and ‘Kera’ in Mumbai.

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