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Exciting close to the Dakshin Dare rally

The 10th edition of the 2018 Maruti Suzuki Dakshin Dare arrived in Goa on September 8. The2,000-kilometre long rally was flagged off in Bengaluru and tested every driver’s skill, speed and courage over five grueling days.

Drivers traversed through treacherous terrains in Karnataka and Maharashtra before entering the state. The rally is officially supported by Karnataka Tourism and was flagged off by Karnataka’s tourism minister, RA Mahesh. Over 140 motorsport enthusiasts participated in the ride across three categories– ultimate cars, ultimate bikes and endurance cars.

Speaking during the flag off, RS Kalsi, senior executive director, marketing & sales, said, “This year is very special for Maruti Suzuki as Dakshin Dare achieved a historical ten year mark.  What made a humble beginning a decade ago with only 20 competing teams is now one of the most powerful and trusted names in the motorsport arena with 80  teams.”

The rally this season saw an exponential rise in women participants  as they are ready to go shoulder to shoulder to showcase their adroitness behind the wheels. This year also saw the introduction of new rally route through the Western Ghats.

The event is organised by, a Bengaluru based club which is motorsport club partner of Maruti Suzuki for Dakshin Dare current edition and all previous ones. Participants were provided clearance for their vehicles after a strict one day scrutiny check prior to the flag-off ceremony. As challenging as the rally was, all the participants were provided with on-ground safety measures at regular intervals during the course.

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