Friday , 19 April 2019

Ex-gratia issue: Goan seafarers worry in absence of CM




Goan seafarers have expressed worry that their concern pertaining to ex- gratia lump sum settlement will not be resolved in the absence of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.

Goa Seafarers Association of India (GSAI) spokesperson Dixon Vaz while speaking to this daily said the onetime settlement was an issue which needed to be resolved. “We were told that no decision has been taken to resolve our issue of the onetime settlement of ex-gratia scheme. The deadline set by the Seafarers Welfare Fund Society to accept onetime settlement of Rs 12,500 is September 30 but we are worried that this issue is not being taken up due to the absence of the Chief Minister” he said.

Vaz said that members from the association met with the NRI director Anthony D’Souza on Thursday to discuss the status of a meeting that was assured would happen with the state government, Directorate General of Shipping and GSAI.

“We were told by the NRI director that until the Chief Minister returns, no decision can be taken. The last time we waited for the assembly session to get over and then for the return of the Chief Minister from Delhi where he met the Union Shipping Minister Nithin Gadkari. But now the Chief Minister has gone to the US and this is a major concern for us,” said

He said that the association members met with the Chief Secretary urging him to resolve the matter in the absence of the Chief Minister.

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