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Everyday fashion in Panaji

‘Everyday People’, a pop-up shop will be hosted in the living room space of Sacha Mendes’ ancestral house from February 25 to February 27, from 11 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.


‘Everyday People’ is a show that focuses on designer wear on the daily, pieces that become a part of your everyday life; an all-natural lipstick, a jasmine moisturiser, a favourite tunic, an embroidered pillow.

There will be several designers showcasing their creations.

Home and lifestyle by Kalki

Kalki is an expression of self. It’s about how everyday happenings and the simplest of things, physical or emotional, inspire the label to create products that have honesty about them. Each Kalki piece is handmade and incorporates handcraft – embroidery, painting, printing – a way to pay homage to the power and intensity of the human hand.

Menswear by 11:11

11.11 / eleven eleven garments provide an essential solution to modern living – the ability to move through the day comfortable in your own skin without the guilt which comes from many of today’s consumer choices. It offers an option to support values embedded within the fabric and processes, in addition to the feeling of wearing aesthetically elevated garments. Wearing handloom- naturally dyed clothes is an opportunity to step away from industrially made garments which do not honour this planet or the life on it. The idea that we do not have to destroy to create and exist is one of the keys to harmonious – peaceful future.

Menswear and womenswear by Savio Jon

For Goa-based designer Savio Jon, clothes are the coming together of colour, cut, texture, and that single odd detail. Over the years, Savio has created a style of his own – one of laidback elegance, even as shapes are manipulated and patterns are deconstructed. His newest collection focuses on wardrobe pieces as opposed to a continuous collection. The collection is representative of movement between distance, space and time, as strands of hay, vintage buttons, and trimmings are sourced from hidden corners and markets. There is a sense of spontaneity and playfulness. All this happens in the most effortless way that is characteristic to Savio’s style and approach to fashion.

Womenswear by Three

What you wear is meant to be an extension (and expression) of you. At Three, keepsakes are designed for women and men, that are meant to last seasons, outlast trends, and complement your personality without overpowering your individuality. Inspired by the geometry you find in nature, the clothes are meant to be layered, and paired effortlessly with pieces that already reside in your wardrobe. Comfortable fabrics aside, fit and form are key, with a play of stripes, angular architectural cuts, cut-out backs, and neutral tones.

Three, is about thoughtful design that transcends any one lifestyle.

Denim wear by Pigment Edit

Pigment Edit is a slow fashion label following the shop local movement. The fabrics are sourced from industry spill overs that are too small in quantity to be utilised by large manufacturers. But they fit perfectly into Pigment Edit’s tiny scheme of things!

Beauty brands

Ayca – Ayca consists of all natural, face and body care. These are paraben and SLS free products like oudh moisturiser, frankincense face oil, grapefruit body oil and peppermint body wash.

Pahadi Local – Pahadi Local is an initiative dedicated to advocating luxury in simplicity. The products are pure and natural – like apricot oils, mineral clays, teas and honey, and sourced from the Himalayas.

Luaer– These creamy, all natural lipsticks contain ingredients like castor oil, beeswax, and Jojoba oil. No parabens or formaldehydes.


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