‘Every human being is God in seed form’

The second day of the ongoing DD Kosambi Festival of Ideas saw global holistic guru and corporate life coach Mickey Mehta delivering a talk on ‘From Harlem to Harvard’ where he spoke about the need for love and humility and the need to resolve to evolve


With 36 years of experience in the field of holistic health, over the years, Mehta has been the life coach to many politicians, Bollywood stars and more. He was awarded with the Economic Times Wellness Icon of India and was also on the list of 100 Most Influential Health Exponents of the World.

However Mehta’s story began in a humble Parsi lower middle class home on Grant Road which was infamous as the red light area in earlier times. In fact Mehta grew up witnessing gambling, murders, looting, and mugging on the streets. Having worked his way up the ladder over the years, a few years ago he was invited by Harvard to give a talk on wellness and life sciences. And thus came the title of his talk.

Mehta began his talk by speaking about the importance of love and humility. “The secret of wellness, success, progress, evolution, all of it is love and love comes from humility. In fact one of my commandments for wellness is that you have to be deeply rooted in humility to be better fruited in humanity. And all the different people speak the same truth about being rooted in humility,” said Mehta.

He then went on to talk about the need to ‘resolve to evolve’. “We are all living in a clinical sense, but are we really living in reality? When we are regenerating constantly mentally, physiologically and physically and constantly adding to the world, that is called living,” he said. He further stated that we are all confronted with two choices in life – evolution and entropy. When we choose evolution, we choose growth – to eat well, work well, pray well, and to educate ourselves. However by default because of social conditioning when we don’t live consciously that is the time we slip into entropy and the seven sins tear us down. “We then slip into a state of dis-ease. This in turn causes the malfunction of organs which brings about ailments which then kills the organs and life force and eventually culminates into death,” he said, adding that we should not let ourselves become a host of diseases.

Evolution is all about rhythm and flow and what puts one into this is having good thoughts, words and deed. “Every religion tells you to get up there, which means to walk the path of progress and to rise higher in consciousness as a human being and to then take the functions of the world ahead,” he said.

He further described the path towards evolution. “The first seven years of one’s life are of pure innocence where we are picking up everything from our parents, society and the environment. The next seven years is when we are learning consciously and being told what to do,” he explained. The span between 14-21 years, he said is the age of belligerence and defiance while 21-28 years are spent in self discovery. “From 28 years of age onwards you are on the path of evolution,” he said. And once one knows where you fit in the large scheme of things in the universal jig saw, you will keep growing 360 degrees, he said.

In this growth, he stated, we are constantly nurtured by sunlight, air, water, love, and also “influenced, affected and impacted by the vibrancy of all planets, lunar cycles and by the tides”. “At sunrise our energy rises and it ebbs at sunset. With full moon, our consciousness rises to points of unbelievable heights while at new moon we must learn to tranquilise and quieten ourselves, to just absorb information, energy and wisdom from the surrounding,” he said.

“Every human being is god in a seed form and can be the co curator of one’s own destiny by aligning with forces of the divine,” he stated, adding that to be a representation of god is not a statement of arrogance but a statement of aspiration. “It means to bow down to all the gods of the earth and to seek their blessings to get where they are. A true guru is one who allows his disciple to stand on his shoulder and look beyond and every god wants that someday you will look beyond,” he said.

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