Tuesday , 18 February 2020
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Enlightening talk on business etiquette

Marketing guru, Walter Vieira was recently in Goa to deliver a lecture on World Passport for Global Managers, reports Team B&C  

A frequent lecturer at major universities around the globe and in different forums, Walter Vieira was in Goa last week for a talk organized by the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and the Goa Management Association (GMA). Vieira spoke on World Passport for Global Managers, which is also the title of his book published several years back.  The talk dwelt on business etiquette and how it is needed everywhere whether one is doing business globally or within India. 

In his typical style, Vieira started off by saying, “It’s very unusual subject that we are going to talk about today, it’s not regular management in fact it is something to make you better managers.” Vieira said that, business etiquette dates back to ancient times and was present even during the Egyptian era.

  Speaking wittily and interspersing his lecture with many anecdotes and drawing from personal experiences, Vieira had the audience in splits even though he was actually promoting his book. “I can go on talking but it will be much easier way for you to get my book- World Passport for Global Managers. It may motivate you to read more, observe more, learn more, about different ways in which people do things, it is different from ours. And help you to behave appropriately in varied situations.”

  Vieira said, “There is only one first impression there is no second impression. First impression is last impression. Half of your personality is reveal by your dress, so maintain proper standard of dressing during business meetings.”

  During his 45 minutes talk, Vieira shared his personal experiences and through concise examples explained how good behavior and manners are important. He said that, everyone should follow good manners in life not only to be a good businessman or manger but also to be a good person in society. “A person’s behavior can lead to success or failure. Rocking chairs or large yawns can result in loss of big projects. Instead show concern for others, use proper spoken and written language,” he said.  

  Vieira who is widely travelled on account of his work said it is advisable to know how much to talk, what to talk, what to tell and what not to tell. “Never talk about politics or politician in business meetings because you don’t know who is the politician in today’s world where MLA’s are taking oath at five clock in the morning,” he said jokingly.   A respected sales and marketing consultant, Vieira wears several hats. He is a business consultant and has written 11 books so far. Some of them are best sellers and translated into Chinese and Indonesian languages. Vieira is also awarded with the life time achievement award for consulting in 2005 and life time achievement award for marketing in 2009.

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