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‘Enemy’ on the way

‘Enemy’ on the way

Janice Rodrigues | NT BUZZ


Art knows no language, but cinema makes utmost use of it. Filmmakers have experimented with various languages, sometimes breaking the very barriers language creates. Dinesh Bhonsule has tried to do just that. After much appreciated attempts in the Marathi and Hindi film industry, Dinesh has now turned to Konkani as the language for his next venture.

Titled ‘Enemy?’, the film is Dinesh’s third directorial venture. “I had done two films earlier, Marmbandh in Marathi and Calapor in Hindi, so I wanted to make a film now in Konkani. As I am a Goan I wanted to make at least three films in Konkani,” says Dinesh.

Previously he has tackled themes like pre-liberation Goa and reformation of jail inmates. Little is known about the theme of his current movie as he has the kept script and theme under wraps. All Dinesh says is that the issue tackled is global. “I wouldn’t want to divulge anything about the movie, but it concerns an issue that is concerns not only Goa but also India, and you can say the world, too.”

Parts of the movie were shot in Delhi and the remaining scenes, especially those that have Christmas and New Year as their backdrop, were shot in Goa. The entire experience of making the movie was a good one for the crew. “We had a good time shooting. All crew members, except for three, were Goan. Most of the technicians also were Goans based in Mumbai,” says Dinesh. Shooting mostly on private properties around Goa, the makers didn’t have much trouble in securing permissions to shoot. “We shot only in one government location – the ESG. All other scenes were shot on private properties, and getting permission was not an issue,” says Dinesh.

The only hurdle was that of getting a Goan-looking crowd for a particular scene. “When we asked for a crowd, we were not happy, as they did not look Goan. Most of them were labourers. Finally, we had to get people from Agacaim, Old Goa and Mapusa to pose as the crowd.”

Speaking about the movie making scenario in Goa, Dinesh says that good films are coming out of Goa currently. “There are some very good films being made in Goa. However, we have to look at quality and not quantity. Filmmakers have to explore other areas to improve the quality of films,” says Dinesh.

‘Enemy?’ is slated for a December 2015 release and is produced by A Durga Prasad, directed by Dinesh P Bhonsule, and has music given by Schubert Cotta.


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