Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Encouraging Efforts For Awareness On Drugs


The South Goa Collector’s decision to go to colleges in her district with police and education officials to create awareness among students on the ill-effects of narcotic drugs is indeed commendable. For a state that is threatened by the scourge of drug addiction among its youth that is assuming endemic proportions, it is necessary that the administration gears up to tackle this menace in any which way possible. While the police and other law enforcement agencies are on their toes neutralizing the drug cartels and their well-organized supply chains, it is equally essential that members of the public too come to the forefront of the war ably assisting the authorities in containing the malaise that is eating into the very vitals of the society. The easy availability of drugs in the close vicinities of schools and colleges further corroborates the fact that teens are being identified as soft targets by the peddlers to swell their clientele base. Somehow, the audacious streak that is so very evident in our youth makes them attempt the most atrocious simply to impress others. Initially the inquisitiveness about drugs, then the urge to try them which then leads to compulsive craving and finally a stage where dependency on the narcotic substance pushes one into a life of crime to supplement the addiction; this then is the story of every drug addict – a vicious cycle of miseries that makes a wreck out of one! However, with plans being drawn only on paper, the inability of the state to tackle the menace of drugs in right earnest has affected successive generations of Goans. Corporate Social Responsibility as a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations though a decades-old perception has been garnering headlines in the recent past for its diversity. Likewise, as a social responsibility, if those with administrative powers to make discernable changes in the society lend their might to carry forward the fight against drugs to a logical solution, the state could well see a drastic drop in drug addiction among youth. Anjali Sherawat’s inventiveness in her own small way speaks a lot for her social consciousness and her concerns for the youth who could easily fall prey to drug and other addictions.


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