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Encouraging creativity through writing, an online platform for aspiring as well as established authors to showcase their work in short story fiction genre, to avid readers who like to keep their reads short is organising Creative Short Story Writing workshops in the State. NT KURIOCITY speaks to the project director, Novella Short Stories, Inacio Fernandes for more details


To those who wish to learn the art of creative writing, you can register for the Creative Short Story Writing workshops to be held in Panaji in the Central Library from April 16 to April 20 and, Navelim in the District Library from April 23 to April 27 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The workshops designed for people over 13 years are being organised by to encourage creative thinking among youngsters. Quoting Peter Handke’s, “If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood”, project director, Novella Short Stories, Inacio Fernandes says that writing doesn’t come naturally to many of us but it is an art that can be learned and perfected with guidance and practice.

At the workshops, the youngsters will be provided with guidance and tips from authors, publishers, academicians, motivational speakers, theatre personalities and others. Different writing techniques will be taught to them like developing a storyline, character mapping, plot, conflict and flow.

Expressing his views on why one should learn creative writing, Inacio says that writing helps us to celebrate the child within all of us: “The mere joy of seeing your work being well received by the readers is a beautiful feeling. By default, we are all creative. And that’s the reason why we dream while we sleep or we daydream at every opportunity. We might even come up with a different storyline/plot for the movie/play we just watched or a book we just read. Sometimes we imagine real-life experiences in different situations and outcomes. But very few people think of penning these ideas.”

Inacio who feels that exploring the stories within us has a lot of advantages, says: “The art of storytelling, makes the writer to be more observant of human emotions, situations and places. The writer becomes more expressive as he/she interacts to his/her readers through writing.

Who they are? is an online platform for aspiring as well as established authors to showcase their work in Short Story Fiction, to avid readers who like to keep their reads short. It is conceptualised and developed by Criador Solutions – a Goan start-up incubated in the Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration – CIBA, Verna to encourage reading among youngsters and also to inspire more and more people to pen down their stories. It was launched in February, 2018 and has over 100 stories from more than 60 authors on the online platform, with the stories being read over 10,000 times.

Talking about its initiative, Inacio says: “We are all surrounded by stories. We get inspired with events and interactions happening around us. There are times we feel that some of these inspirations could make a very good story.” He adds that many people will not pursue that story, only because they do not have easy access to a platform or guidance mechanism. Novella provides this platform to such authors, who could write their story and submit it to the platform, and get a review from the editorial team, and then publish on the online platform (

The Novella Digest

The coming academic year will see more engaged interaction with the schools, colleges and literature clubs around the state and country. Also Novella will be launching a quarterly magazine dedicated only for Short Stories, titled ‘Novella Digest’, available on subscription and retail sale. The high performing stories on the platform will be featured on this Digest. The first issue of Novella Digest will be published in June 2018.

Inacio further also clarifies that they do not charge any fees for authors to showcase their work on the said platform. “Authors will actually stand a chance to earn depending on the performance of the story and it being featured in the Novella Digest,” he concludes.


(The workshop tickets can be purchased from  or their Facebook page Details: 91-9730-14-7785)

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