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Electric bike for smart riders

A new electric bike Tronx One is launched but only for the wealthy, discovers Team B&C

Tronx Motors announced the launch of India’s first  smart crossover electric bike, Tronx One. The company earlier known as Volta Motors was founded with the goal of introducing autonomous, artificial intelligence and IoT technologies enabled electric vehicles. The Tronx One is the first step towards building the smart vehicles using the company’s own tronXTM ecosystem.

Designed and engineered in India, the bike is a future ready offering a powerful riding experience combined with a unique design sensibility. The price is Rs 49,999 on an introductory offer for limited units for pre-orders. Shipping will start on the July 16 for the first batch of consumers who have pre-booked the bike. The crossover bike comes with multiple ride modes and virtual gears coupled with three electric gears and six speed shifters which are enabled to extend and adjust the range and speed of the bike, letting a seamless control over the ride.

The mid step-thru frame is made for basic comfort and ease of users and is also ergonomic and adaptable for anyone who rides it. The bike is built on a premium aero grade alloy frame material which is used in the construction of aircrafts and is rust proof. It also features a smart display and comes with an integrated tbike app which allows to estimate range and set fitness goals from the smartphone.

Tronx Motors has partnered with service and care partners across nine cities, including Goa  where the bike will first be available for consumers to try and ride as well based on appointment slots.

Speaking about the announcement, Mahesh Lingareddy, chairman, Smartron said, “Through Tronx Motors, our vision is to extend our intelligent and connected platform to automotive industry and disrupt the commute experience that has been pretty much the same for almost a century. Commute experience of future as we see it is not only electric but also connected and autonomous. We believe Smartron and TronX Motors can uniquely differentiate products through integration of various connected and autonomous technologies. For instance, we can bring voice and touch enabled intelligent services and IoT enabled lock/ unlock, location monitoring, servicing, sharing features to commuters. We can introduce a range of driver and rider assist autonomous and semi-autonomous technologies to improve travel safety, productivity and experience. We are looking to open up our motors platform to other EV companies in the future.”

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