I love to serve people: Khaunte

PANAJI: The newly formed constituency of Porvorim, once a barren hill top, but now teeming with buildings and development, has another contender, another businessman, Mr Rohan Ashok Khaunte.

The three village panchayats that comprise Porvorim constituency are Penha de France, Succorro Village Panchayat and Salvado do Mundo with some 22,000 voters.

"I love to serve people, and I have been serving them and would keep them serving as long as I could regardless who they are and what they are, as I know service to people is service to God,’’ said Mr Khaunte arguing, "I am not doing anything different for the masses, but I like to do the same thing differently and win the hearts of the people; I want to see them happy and I have undertaken a lot of social work in all spheres of life."

Mr Khaunte is an electronic engineer and has various business interests under the aegis of Shiv Samarth.

He was conferred with the Young Entrepreneur Award at the hands of the then governor of Goa, Mr Kedarnath Sahay in 2003. He has represented the state in cricket and basketball.

He now resides in Succorro and is the chairman of Porvorim Yuva Welfare Trust.

For the last three years he has been very active in the social field and has taken up various programmes like cleanliness drives in Porvorim.

Mr Khaunte said that his focus has been to empower women by creating self help groups, besides helping the farmers get better yield through the use of modern equipment.

He informed that as a part of cleanliness efforts, plastic collection drive is being organised in different areas of Porvorim and 14-16 bags of plastic are being collected everyday besides awareness is being created on segregation of wet and dry garbage.

Farmers have also been helped to form Farmers’ Club, he added.