Wednesday , 19 December 2018
‘Ekvottacho Dis’ celebrated in Carmona

‘Ekvottacho Dis’ celebrated in Carmona


Community Day more commonly known as ‘Ekvottacho Dis’ was celebrated with pomp and gaiety at Our Lady of Socorro Church, Carmona on August 15. ‘Flowers’ was the theme for this year’s celebrations.

As per annual tradition, the Community Day celebration begins with a Eucharistic celebration and ends with cultural programmes and fellowship.  Masses were held at 6.30 a.m., 8 a.m. and 9.15 a.m. People from the village were divided into groups of seven colours. Each group were allotted flowers that contrasted the colour of their group. They decorated their stalls using these flowers.

The cultural event included a traditional march by different groups. Children presented a group dance to celebrate the day. People visited various stalls where they could meet one another and share traditional sweets such as patoleo, shirollio, coconut halwa, sannas, dodol, doce, holle, pinagre, and many others.

Caromona Church decided to go eco-friendly. Without using plastic, locals were seen serving and drinking black tea using coconut shells. The villagers start preparing two months in advance to celebrate this day at Church of Our Lady of Soccoro, Carmona. ‘Ekvottacho Dis’ is celebrated to promote unity among villagers. Various people from different parts of Goa joined in to celebrate the day dedicated to community in Carmona.


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