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‘Ek Hazarachi Note is a social satire’


Filmmaker Shrihari Sathe is a man of few words, but his Marathi film, ‘Ek Hazarachi Note’, which is part of the Indian Panorama and International Competition sections of the 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), speaks volumes about the socio-political scenario of the country.The debutant director says that he hoped his film would get selected to the International Competition section. “When my film got selected to Indian Panorama, I was hopeful about its getting selected to the International Competition section. Usually, three films from the Indian Panorama section are selected”, he says. NT BUZZ caught up with the director on the seventh day of the 45th IFFI.

Sathe, a graduate from the University of Michigan in Film and Video Studies and Global Media Culture, spent two years on writing the screenplay of this movie, the story of which is based on a short story. “The movie is based on a short story written by Shrikant Bhojewar. I have developed the story further by way of adding more subplots”, says Sathe, who also told us that he always wanted to be a storyteller. He defines his movie as part neo-realistic and part dark fairy tale.

Sathe, who has produced several award winning short films, says that his film, ‘Ek Hazarachi Note’ is a social satire. “There is levity in satire and satire in levity”, he says. The movie is set in a remote village in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra and tells the story of an old lady who received monetary help from a local politician only to find that it has turned her life upside down. “The film may have been made in Marathi, but it content is universal, and could have been made in any language”, says Sathe. This is Sathe’s first film in India and he says he will take it to larger audiences within the country by showcasing it at Film Festivals in other states like Kerala, Chennai and Bengaluru. The movie has already been released in Maharashtra.

When asked what message he wanted to send out through this socially relevant film, he says, “In this movie there is a little bit of something for everyone. What a person takes away from this movie will depend on the individual.”

Sathe has worked on films like ‘Delhi 6’ as visual effects co-ordinator and says that he is comfortable making a movie in any language. Presently he is working on an English film, which is a crime-thriller set in New York.


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