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Educating women to use the internet

Google India and Tata Trust reached the halfway mark with 1,50,000 villages covered under its Internet Saathi program. The program has contributed towards bridging the digital gender divide in rural India and has benefited over 15 million women in 13 states.

Goa is one of the states where the program is recently initiated along with Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Telangana. The ‘Internet Saathi’ programme focuses on educating women to use the internet, who then impart training to other women in their community and neighboring villages. It has motivated many enterprising women, to use the internet, to find new opportunities. Be it a community owned potato chips business or finding study modules on the internet.

Seeing success stories of women, Ganga, an Internet Saathi from Vallabhipur, Telangana said, “I am very excited to be teaching my fellow village women about the wonders of the net. I have found the convenience of online payments through various apps and feel it can be beneficial for others too.”

Rehana Begum, an Internet Saathi from Goa said, “Learning new things is always interesting and with this program I am able to make my wish come true. I am excited to help my fellow villagers as many of them are always on the lookout for different government schemes they are eligible for. Access to information on the Internet will make things so convenient for them.”

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