Saturday , 17 November 2018

Eduardo: DSE should ensure Konkani, Marathi as teaching medium at primary level




The senior state Congress leader Eduardo Faleiro, on Thursday, said that the Church-backed Diocesan Society of Education (DSE) should ensure that its primary schools teach through Konkani and Marathi medium, and stop teaching through the English medium.

“Konkani should be taught in the Devanagari script as it will provide access to Marathi and Hindi, which is the national language,” Faleiro said, pointing out that children will (automatically) learn the Romi script when they learn English.

“Konkani is the mother tongue of the people of Goa, while Marathi has always been the literary language of a large segment of our population,” he observed, adding that there is no justification for English as a medium of instruction (MoI) at the primary level, and it could be the second language from third standard onwards.

It was also maintained that Marathi should not be made official state language, along with Konkani as that would sow the seeds of divisiveness in the Goan society.

Addressing a press conference at the Congress House in the city, the former Union minister further raised doubts about the decision of the state government to grant one-time financial assistance to those persons, who were involved in the freedom struggle of Goa but could not be declared as freedom fighters under the Freedom Fighters Welfare Rules, for failing to meet the eligibility conditions as provided under these rules.

“What are the criteria to identify the recipients of this financial assistance,” he questioned, while demanding that the related criteria should be made public, as the financial assistance should be independent of political affiliation.   Faleiro also lamented that the state government has failed to display in the state legislative assembly, the portraits of the noted leaders of the Goan freedom struggle, including Dr T B Cunha.

He further bemoaned that the annual Purushottam Kakodkar Memorial Lecture funded by the University Grants Commission and held at the Goa University has been discontinued after organising it for three years, and demanded its revival.

The senior Congress leader also said that the state government should hold an annual audit of all contractors, who employ migrant workers and submit a report to the state legislature for its scrutiny.

“It should also open an internet portal indicating the contractors and migrant workers in Goa, for public information and verification,” he demanded, maintaining that although Goa cannot function without migrant workers, it does not mean we should allow their large scale influx into the state.

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