Dynamics and realities through art


An art exhibition titled ‘Eternal: A Journey of Creativity’ by Delhi-based artists Swati Joshi Phatak, Rohit Sharma and Sangeeta Sharma was held at Carpe Diem Art Gallery, Majorda.

This was Phatak’s second show in Goa, and a first for Rohit and Sangeeta who are popularly referred to as the artist couple in Delhi.

After pursuing an MBA, Phatak focussed on art through workshops, interactions and dedicated efforts. Playing with colours is her forte and she experiments with subjects such as still life, nature, portraits or symbolic art. For this exhibition Phatak’s theme was the game of chess and she displayed a series of works depicting the dynamics of those in power, yet sometimes subdued by gender or caged by the rules of society and more. She also highlighted the human potential to achieve great feats no matter how small one appears to be.

Rohit’s work has evolved over a period of time with the influence of his working in the city. This series brought out the obvious, understated, yet always visible part of being in the city – the cows, the vehicles all with distinct identity and the background of the tangled streets that they inhabit. This body of work brought one close to the realities of the city which is constantly on the move.

Sangeeta has been exhibiting her artwork in New Delhi, Mumbai and other major art hubs in India for over a decade now. In this exhibition, she shared artworks created in bronze depicting human forms and figures which speak of the woman, upliftment, delicateness and confidence all at the same time. Her paintings also focussed on the expressions of the human face and were combined with a unique sense of textures, patterns and true-to-life details.

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