Drunk driving: police crack down on motorists

Traffic police subjecting a rider to breath analyzer test to check the alcohol content in blood near the collectorate building in Panaji. Goa police conducted a drive to crack down on drunken driving on Friday night




Goa police on Friday conducted a special drive against drunken driving throughout the state.

“In future we will be conducting such drives at many places either by surprise or by announcing it in advance,” said Director General of Police (DGP) Dr Muktesh Chander adding, “My intention is that everybody should be safe. Please do not drink and drive.”

Chander said that traffic police as well as police from local police stations were part of the drive wherein around 140 alcometers were used. The drive went on till late night.

According to police, the permissible alcohol limit is 30 mg per 100 ml of blood. Chander informed that drunken driving/riding is dangerous. “Drunken driving/riding instances are increasing therefore we have started clamping down heavily. They (violator) will not only be prosecuted and cases sent to court but their licences will be impounded for cancellation or suspension upto three months or more,” said Chander.

“We will also be requesting the court to send the violator to jail.
The prescribed jail sentence can be up to six months,” informed Chander.

Chander informed that last year till August 9 there were around 1883 drunken driving/riding cases booked whereas this year there are over 3200 such cases.

Commenting on the increase in cases, Chander said, “The main reason is that the people get away by paying fine so there is hardly any deterrence. The moment people start spending a night in jail I think it will act as a deterrent.”

Chander also informed that soon the Goa police will have e-challan system and it will maintain the record of the driver.