Monday , 25 June 2018

Drug peddlers are lying low: police




The Goa police believe that after the crackdown on drugs trade drug peddlers have either gone underground or crossed the state borders.

“We are not going to relax, and will continue to build up pressure on drugs peddlers and consumers by conducting raids and taking action against drugs trade in Goa,” DIG V Gupta said, adding that “it appears that drug peddlers have gone underground or have left the jurisdiction owing to the police action.”

Gupta said the police are closely monitoring party venues, especially ‘open air’ places, where a large number of people gather.

“Apart from this, the parties which are organised clandestinely will be also on radar. For which, the police will also make use of the social media sites to gather information of such parties,” he said.

Sources said that drug use is more prevalent during nighttime at   music parties and in clubs, and as such the police have drawn up an action plan to zero in on such places to ascertain if there is consumption or sale of drugs.

Over the month, the Goa police have arrested 30 persons in 30 drugs cases and seized drugs worth over Rs 28 lakh.

Of the 30 arrested accused, 13 are Goans, 13 non-Goans and four are foreigners, the sources said.

The police launched the crackdown on drug trade after two tourists died due to drug overdose last month.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had directed the police to go all out against the drug menace in the state.

Parrikar had asked the police to go hard against drugs menace and take necessary action against hotels, restaurants and rave parties. If need be, the police can even arrest hoteliers, restaurateurs   and promoters or organisers of rave parties.


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