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DMC lecturers awarded doctorates


Four lecturers from Dnyanprassarak Mandal’s College and Research Centre received doctorates at the Goa University’s 30th annual convocation ceremony.

Shanthi Muninathan (English), Udaysingh Vithalrao Rane (Electronics), Prashant Kadam (Economics) and Aparna Lolyekar (Economics).

From the department of English, Shanthi Muninathan’s thesis ‘Campus fiction-A critical study’ was completed under the guidance of professor Sripad Bhat from the department of English, Goa University. Her thesis deals with power games and power politics in academic campus. It also deals with interpersonal relationships between faculty and students, between colleagues and between professors and subordinates.

Udaysingh Rane from the electronics department worked on ‘Network on CHIP (NoC) platform for high performance Computing’ under the guidance of associate professor, department of electronics, Goa University, Rajendra Gad. The thesis describes the design and implementation of network on Chip (NoC) platform. The NoC architectures not only provide power efficient solutions for interconnecting network resources but also enhance the network performance while maintaining the implementation cost.

Prashant Kadam from the economics department worked on ‘Competitiveness of the software Industry of India’ under the guidance of professor Sudarsan PK from Goa University. The thesis analysed the competitive strength of the Indian software industry at the micro, macro and at the firm level.

Aparna Lolyekar’s thesis ‘Analysis of Growth among the Indian States in the Post Liberalisation Period’ was completed under the guidance of professor, Pranab Mukhopadhyay from the department of economics, Goa University. The thesis examines the issue of income convergence across the 28 states and Union Territories of India in the pre and the post liberalisation period from 1981-2013.

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