Friday , 22 March 2019

Dicarpale-Davorlim locals seek action against illegal structures

MARGAO: Amidst chaos, the largely-attended gram sabha of Dicarpale-Davorlim on Sunday unanimously resolved that action should be taken against illegal structures and that the panchayat should begin serving notices to the concerned parties from Tuesday itself.

Deputy sarpanch Deepak Mangalam, who chaired the gram sabha in the absence of sarpanch Beena Kulkarni, favoured it and sought support of the locals.

There were heated discussions on issues of sopo collection, over projects being approved without proper setback, and related to approach roads and garbage disposal.  A gram sabha member Andrew Rebello pointed out, referring to a RTI information, that of the 11 carpentry shops along the Dicarpale lane, only four were paying tax while rest were operating illegally.

After a discussion, the gram sabha members agreed that the panchayat should initiate action against such illegal traders. Hence, a resolution was passed in this regard.

The deputy sarpanch was corned over a project-related road in Dicarpale.  Several gram sabha members demanded that the panchayat should act tough against the project, as despite a stop work notice that was served, the builder carried on with the work. “File a police complaint. The panchayat rules have to be respected,” they said.

“All projects should be put on hold until there was a proper waste disposal system in place. Garbage disposal is a major concern. People staying in flats and rented rooms dump garbage anywhere,” a resident stated.

“Dry garbage collection is happening and three labourers are engaged for the task. We will be getting baling machines for clearing the dry waste,” the deputy sarpanch stated.

A resolution was passed to utilise panchayat funds to develop threshing floor for the benefit of the local farmers.   The panchayat passed a revised budget of Rs 10 lakh in order to procure a baling machine and other things. The gram sabha went on for nearly two hours.

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