Sunday , 24 March 2019
Diamonds are forever
Sheetal Palan and Anand Palan, directors, Manek Gem launching the brand at their store with Sachin Jain, president, Forevermark Diamonds.

Diamonds are forever


Diamonds are a symbol of eternity. Forevermark, the famous diamond brand from the De Beers Group of Companies launched in Goa, at Manek Gem Art International showroom for diamond lovers in the state.

Speaking at the occasion, Sachin Jain, president, Forevermark India, said, “We are proud to associate with Manek Gems which is known for distinctive style innovative designs and superior technology. The beauty of the association is that we share similar brand value and ethos.”Talking about the diamond brand, Sheetal Palan, partner, Manek Gem Art International, said, “Forevermark has the most rigorous process of selection which is why less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are eligible to be branded by the company. We at Manek Gem have been spreading the essence of loyalty and trust for more than four decades in the industry and are delighted to associate with Forevermark, to ensure that the best is offered to our customers.”

Forevermark diamonds are reported one of the most trustworthy sparklers in the market. Each stone is inscribed with an icon and individual number as an assurance that it has met standards of beauty and rarity and that it is responsibly sourced. The inscription is placed on the table facet of the diamond. It is invisible to the naked eye, 1/5000th of a human hair and can only be seen using a special viewer available at a authorised jeweller.  Only authorised jewellers are permitted to supply a Forevermark diamond grading report providing an accurate blueprint of the qualities – cut, colour, clarity and caratage – of each diamond.

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