Friday , 15 June 2018

Devak Xinnonaka

JP Pereira

‘Devak Xinnonaka’, the new tiatr from Menino de Bandar is a play of emotions between two men, their wives and the widowed sister-in-law.

The play opens with the scene where Alzira had lost her husband in a plane crash. She has a daughter and two brothers-in-law, Carlton and Roland, who love her with great devotion and care.  Even after the death of her husband she continues to take care of the young brothers-in-law. She is shown to have spent all her husband’s terminal benefits on their education and has made them financially stable.

Treating their sister-in-law like their mother, both the brothers would hand over their salary to her every month. But the tables turn when they get married to two sisters. Now Dyanora and Diana, the two wives are not ready to hand over their salary to Alzira like their husbands would.  And all hell breaks loose for this reason. The two couples fight and the girls return home to their father. However, their father being a righteous and upright person, orders them to return to their husbands’ house.  The two sisters return but only to create even more tensions. The play then continues until the entire family comes to an understanding and mutual agreement.

The cast has Janice and Lavina playing the two wives, and both act well in their roles as the wives who are careless and uncaring to everyone around them. Angela does a fine act of the sister-in-law Alzira and the talented Avila soars as the young daughter. Maxy and Satyawan play the unfortunate husbands who ae stuck between their wives and sister-in-law. Both the men look tough but they bow down to their wives at times. They perform very well in the aptly cast roles. Menino plays the role of the father of the two ladies and play his part well.  Wilma, Ronnie, Win and the pint sized Roosevelt provide some good humour.

Cruz de Sanvordem leads the band. Analie with another new artiste, (we couldn’t get the name) render the opening song with gusto.  A fine blend of voices! There are other songs performed by Janice, Valencio, Analie, Avila, Clint and others.

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