Wednesday , 25 April 2018

Demonetisation non-issue for voters in Velim, Cuncolim

Joao Sousa M/NT

Months after the BJP-led government at the centre demonetised the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, the demonetisation is a non-issue in the constituencies of Velim and Cuncolim constituencies this election while development and credentials of the candidates take priority.
A random survey carried out by this daily revealed that while some political parties keep raking up the demonetisation issue at every opportunity, the demonetisation itself doesn’t become a priority, leading up to the elections and making a choice of the candidates. However the voters have not forgotten the hardships faced during the demonetisation saga and are vary about the politicians back tracking on the commitments made vis-à-vis development.
Says Benny Leitao from Chinchinim, we have not forgotten demonetisation, however for me I will decide on the candidate based on the priorities of my constituency. We cannot sit on past issues and need to move forward.
Filandro Fernandes from Cuncolim said, “Demonetisation in the first place is a failure and it looks like the government (centre) has shielded the culprits and have tried to trap the innocent people. In this exercise the common man has suffered a lot and those involved in black money have gone scot free. There won’t be much bearing on the forthcoming election, however it will backfire contrary to their expectations”.
Delecta Cardozo from Assolna said that she has suffered a lot from the demonetisation besides other issues also remain at the top of the priority list.
For Neeta Naik a first time voter from Dramapur said demonetisation is not an issue nor do political parties matter, however I am looking for the right candidate who is worthy to represent me and the people of my constituency.
For R S Naik from Cuncolim, “I am analysing the track record of the candidates. The demonetisation is a national issue and cannot be mixed with local elections; I don’t think it is a factor for the Goa assembly elections”.
While Pramila Gracias, from Chinchinim said, I personally don’t think demonetisation is a factor to voters even though we all went through hardships. Priority should be given to present issues concerning the constituency and the state.
While Kremlin Pinto said, there is no effect of demonetisation on the elections as political parties are still spending lavishly to woo voters.
Antao from Chandor said, “I am not sure whether the demonetisation will have an effect on the elections but perhaps it will have had its effect on candidates aspiring to contest as independents, I presume.”

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