Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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Decline in number of cops violating traffic rules

PANAJI: The number of police personnel found violating traffic rules has come down considerably and the reason according to senior police officials is the disciplinary action taken against such personnel.

As per the traffic police, in 2018, 65 police personnel have been penalised for traffic violations while in 2017 there were 323 such cases and in 2016, 256 police personnel were penalised. The cases were mostly related to riding without helmet.

“Police personnel found violating traffic rules will not get away by mere payment of fines, as they are also liable for disciplinary action,” said a senior police officer.

The names of such personnel are sent to the department for initiating necessary action, informed the officer adding that the respective unit heads then decide on the nature of punishment such as penalty of censure.

It may be recalled that former Director General of Police Dr Muktesh Chander had said that if police personnel were found not wearing helmet while riding a two-wheeler then disciplinary action would be initiated against them. Chander had said that wearing of helmet is a must and everyone should follow the rule for their own safety. “If police personnel,  irrespective of whether they are on duty or off duty, strictly follow the helmet rule, then it will set an example for the society,” Chander had said.

According to police, wearing of helmet is necessary to protect oneself from sustaining head injury in case of an accident.

As per the police records, compared to 2017, deaths in 2018 due to road accidents have decreased by around 20 per cent. A total of 262 persons died in road accidents in 2018 whereas in 2017, 328 perished in road mishaps.

Police have said that road safety measures and awareness drives proved helpful. Also, strict enforcement has resulted in rider/drivers following traffic rules; especially an increase in compliance of helmet rule by two-wheeler riders. In 2017, 193 riders and 39 pillion riders had died while in 2018, 145 riders and 37 pillion riders died in road accidents.

Meanwhile, the Goa police will conduct a seven-day special drive against drunk riding/driving starting from March 5. Last year, police had booked 6,761 for riding/driving under the influence of alcohol which is double compared to such cases in 2017.

Several riders/drivers have been convicted with fine and sentenced to a jail term ranging from 1 day to 10 days for riding/driving under the influence of alcohol by courts, while many other such violators have been fined, police said adding that over 800 licences have been suspended by the transport department for riding/driving under the influence of alcohol.

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