Sunday , 16 June 2019
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The detritus is seen dumped at the new building of the Goa State Pollution Control Board at Saligao

Debris in its backyard wrong-foots GSPCB




The Goa State Pollution Control Board, which  keeps a hawk’s  eye for  maintaining   the environment of the state, has found itself  in an embarrassing  situation. The detritus dumped at the newly-constructed building of the board at Saligao has attracted the ire of the Goa Waste Management Corporation, which has asked the GSPCB to stop the indiscriminate dumping of the construction and demolition waste.

The corporation has said that a large quantity of  detritus has been dumped outside the compound wall of the GSPCB’s newly inaugurated building at Saligao.

The debris has also been cast aside along the roadside, which has  resulted  in dust pollution in the area.

Extending its  assistance  in preparing a plan for the scientific disposal  of the waste, the GWMC in a letter to the board has asked it to conceptualise a proper composting facility as well as a waste sorting centre.

“It is noticed that the waste generated at your newly occupied office is indiscriminately disposed (of) outside in the open. The GSPCB being an apex body with respect to pollution control in the state should, to say the least, ensure that the waste generated at the GSPCB is scientifically managed with proper segregation with

separate bins placed in the premises so that no waste is disposed (of) in the open as it is being done now,” the letter has said.

The GSPCB has also been found violating the Construction and Demolition Rules, 2016, by not keeping construction and demolition waste within the premise. It does not deposit the waste at the collection centre of the local village panchayat, or take it to the authorised facilities where construction and demolition waste is handled.

GSPCB officials  confirmed  receiving the letter and clarified   the construction work has not been completed.

“We have asked the contractors not to dump the waste outside in the open and shift the dumped waste within the compound wall by the end of this week,” the officials said.

Under the new Construction and Demolition Rules, any individual or institution generating over 300 tonne of construction waste in a month will not only be required to hire an agency for its disposal, but will also have to segregate the waste into concrete, soil, steel, wood and plastics; and bricks and mortar.

The individual or institution have to submit a waste management plan and get appropriate approvals from the local authority before starting construction.


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