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Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

Neil Rangel, St Estevam
On the plea for mercy on the proposed death penalty for the perpetrators of the Nirbhaya rape-death case, I beg to differ and can expect a reasonable amount of flak for this. The President and the Supreme Court should accept their petitions and commute the death sentences to life imprisonment without parole. The act they committed was absolutely evil. But you do not counter evil with another evil. Taking a life in times of peace is an evil act. It cannot act as a deterrent. It serves no real purpose. The death penalty for such a case cannot be justified in a civilized society. What I see in comments is revenge and vengeance. In times of peace; no one has the right to take another life. In this case it does not even do justice. A death penalty does not do justice. The poor lady lost her life and its very unfortunate that her parents and family will bear this sadness and loss for the rest of their lives. But no punishment however harsh can do her any justice. It will bring misery to more people. This is not what we as humans are called to do. The crime committed cannot be condoned; but we need to realize that all human life is sacred and has the infinite capacity to be reformed.
The potential hangman Pawan Jallad commented that the Rs 1 lakh he would receive for the hangings would pay for his debts and daughter’s wedding expenses. I will be happy to offer him that amount or more as a gift in place and he can celebrate the joyous family occasion in peace . I look forward to that day when the death penalty will be finally abolished. I call upon the parents of the victim to forgive the criminals in memory of their daughter and really hope they do so. The relatives of many victims do this the world over as a lasting memorial to the memory of the ones they lost. At the official level I call on the President and the courts to show mercy. To forgive is truly divine.

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