Saturday , 23 March 2019
‘Dangerous’ tree at Shirvodem finally cut by fire personnel
A tree leaning over a house at Shirvodem-Navelim

‘Dangerous’ tree at Shirvodem finally cut by fire personnel


MARGAO: After the day-long ordeal, a tree that was dangerously ‘resting’ on the house of a poor family at  Shirvodem, Navelim was  cut by the personnel of fire and emergency services even though the department has no ‘direct powers’ to chop a ‘live’ tree.

The tree had ‘crashed’ on the house on  Monday afternoon.  The members of the family immediately   called up the  fire services for  help, but the  fire  personnel  refused to cut the ‘live’ tree,  stating that they do not have the powers to chop the ‘live’ tree despite the fact that it was dangerously ‘resting’ on the house.

The local councilor was  also informed about the  incident.  According to sources, the  family had to give in  writing to the  fire service  at their  ‘risk’,  that “the  live tree, which is posing danger to them needs to be cut.”

However,  the sources said   the  fire  service personnel did not  get such undertaking from the family members till late Tuesday evening.

The tree was cut by the fire personnel even though it was mandatory for the family to give it in writing to the authorities including the Deputy Collector to cut the ‘live’ tree.

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